The Family

Full-time working mom here. Couch potato, lover of reality TV, books and Starbucks. An editor in my real life and a creator of songs and fairy tales in my mommy life. I've been known to over exaggerate, over think and overindulge (in chocolate, okay and sometimes wine). Always attempting to find new things to hold Brynna's and Brylin's interests.

Zombie Dad
My husband is the most go-with-the-flow person I know. Good thing since his wife can be a tad bit (alotta bit) neurotic. He's not much of a couch potato -- until the Walking Dead is on the screen then he can't be budged -- is a gamer aficionado, the family chef, ruler of nerdy jokes and the heartbeat of our little family. He's pretty awesome.

We always knew that our baby girl's first name would start with a B so the nickname BB was born. Eventually we ended up with Brynna but she's still called BB, Boom Boom and about 1,000 other nicknames. At 2 1/2 years old she's already testing boundaries -- both with her parents and her fur brother and sister. Already a lover of TV (Despicable Me), playgrounds, giant inflatable slides and toys that aren't hers, BB is more than we could ever ask for.


 Bry Bry
The newest addition to our growing family, Brylin is starting to make her presence known in the Brody household as she tests out new sounds, words and her vocal range. At 7 months old, she is our little snuggler who is happiest in our arms.

Beans and Porkchop
Porkchop is my dog. A rambunctious Boston Terrier who can clear a room with a fart and melt your heart 10 seconds later with his adorable face. He used to be my baby before the human baby came into the picture. He's still learning to deal with it. Beans was once an only child and often dreams about those days, especially after an afternoon of Porkchop stealing her bed and BB pulling on her stub of a tail. She's a rottie, which makes people cross the street when they see her coming, but her only vicious act is licking your feet, hands or face until you're totally grossed out.

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