Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Kind of Mother I Aspire to Be

As originally published on Mamalode
Growing up I was told I can be anything.
A teacher, a school psychologist, an entrepreneur, a writer.
So I worked hard, went to school, earned my degree and landed a job I loved.
Then I got pregnant and my life deviated from the plan I had worked so hard to lay out for myself.
I found myself on a mommy track where the road is anything but straight, views of the horizon are not always clear and there are hills, sharp turns and plateaus. Becoming a mom to first one, then two girls, has caused new, unforeseen, ambitions to bloom within. It’s not enough to just want things for my girls – I need to demonstrate the traits and characteristics I want them to learn, lead by actions that will actually back up my words.
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