Monday, January 25, 2016

Brynna: What did you say?

* where do you come up with these things? I must say that about 5 times a day when talking to my daughter. It's amazing what she picks up and what she chooses to ignore.

Here are a few of the WTH did you moments that have stuck with me this past week:

Me: Brynna, go put on your pjs
Brynna: Never!
Me: ...
Brynna: I am never doing it ever again!

Me: Oh no, Brylin is being naughty
Brynna: Should we put her outside with the dogs?

Brynna from the bathroom: Hey guys! Come clean my butt
Mom: Brynna!

Brynna: I don't want to leave Baby Arielle (her cousin)
Me: Don't worry you'll see her again soon
Brynna: But I want to live with her.
Me: But we'l never see you again
Brynna: i want to live with her forever and ever
Alex: We'll think about it
Brynna: Are you still thinking about it, Daddy?