Thursday, December 31, 2015

What did you say? (second edition)

* Brynna is 3-years-old going on 16. She's incredibly observant and tends to mirror our behavior -- and repeats everything. You'd think that would help us edit ourselves a little bit better.

Some of her latest gems:

"Buenos Dias"  (to every gardener she spots on our daily walks. It's really cute when she acknowledges others and is learning Spanish BUT not every browned-skinned person, or gardener speaks Spanish. Or is Hispanic. Luckily she's cute).

"I'm brave of him" (when talking about Randal from Monsters Inc. or Mr. Shadow Man from Princess and the Frog).

"Can you read the words to me?" (when she wants something read to her).

"Send out a toot toot and make your wish come true!" (farting is hilarious so she tends to add the word "toot" to everything).

"Probricita" (whenever Brylin cries).

"Is this a rubber band?" -- holding one of my shall we say unmentionables in her hand.

"Actually I can do that for you, uh huh." (her response when asked to do something. Oftentimes "can" is replaced with "can't").

Brynna: "Is this Adele or Taylor Swift?"
Me: "Actually it's Katy Perry"
Brynna: "Oh, actually I do like her."

"Oh shoot!" (still working on replacing shoot with man).