Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Brylin: 11 months

* Happy 11 months, My girl! It's almost time to celebrate your birthday, which makes me sad. I can't believe how quickly you are growing up.

Here is what I love about you right now:

* Determination: When you have your mind on something you do it. Trying to redirect you often does not work. For instance, you are all about climbing the stairs and even though we tell you no, which makes you cry, or steer you away from them, you head right back.

* Chatter box: Yup, more words are coming out of that cute little mouth of yours. Oh oh is a new saying as is Brynna, and Mas. You also talk back, which is adorable, to me, your dad and Brynna. Pretty adorable -- for now.

* Climbing up: You are this close to walking. Pulling up on chairs, tables, the sofa and anything really, is a common activity these days. Your face lights up when you realize you pulled yourself up without any help.

* Combing your hair: Yes, you are combing your hair! Of course you do this with a number of things: brushes, spoons, bowls of food and your sister's doll brushes. It's adorable.

* Asking for more: As in "mas," whenever we start tickling you. Oh, and you point at things you want.

Geesh I love you!