Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Brynna: 32 months

* Happy 32 months, Boom Boom!

You are getting that much closer to being three, and your three-ager side is showing.

You've been going to preschool, making new friends, tackling your ABCs, numbers, shapes and cutting!

You surprise us everyday with the things that you say. Here are a few of the lines that had your dad and I rolling with laughter:

  •  Watch your tone, Brylin

  • My back hurts! I need a massage so bad

  • I don't like honey (after you ate half a honey stick)

  • Get out of my sight!

  • Buenos Dias! (to every gardener you see)

  • I'll marry daddy when I'm older (how old would that be?) 3 1/2

  • I'm getting a hot flash (signs you are hanging out with your tias too much)

  • Mommy you're beautiful! (thank you, Boom Boom!) Do you like my complement?

Love you more than you know,