Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Brylin: 9 months

* Better late than never! Happy 9 months, My Girl. You're growing everyday, surprising us with all the milestones you're hitting.

Here are the top five things I'm loving about this age:

1. The almost crawl: You're not quite crawling but are super close to it. You can maneuver backwards but have yet to get that forward action.

2. The way you chew: Okay, so you aren't really chewing since you only have two teeth (with the top two coming in) but it's your version of it. The sounds you make when you're "mashing" your food is so incredibly cute. However, when it's not something you're digging you stop mashing and start spitting.

3. So much love for your sister. You face lights up when you hear her voice and you love to watch her do everything ... including use the potty which is kinda strange but still cute.

4. Snuggles: You've started to lean into us as we hold you. It makes letting you go that much harder.

5. Up in the business: You, My Girl, are all about being in the know. You like to be where the action is and know what is going on around you. If I'm playing with your sister in one room and you're in the walker in another room, you will race to where we are, take it all in, and go with the flow. If we are laughing you start to laugh. If your sister is yelling, you chime in. It makes for a loud and chaotic household.

Love you more than you know,

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