Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Brynna: 31 months

* Brynna:

These past few months have been a little difficult for you. Not only did we move to a new house but you started a new school.

We've seen how these changes have affected you as you attempt to fall into your new schedule and get used to your surroundings. As parents we wondered if too many changes were being thrust upon you at once. Will it stress you out? Will you feel like we are trying to get rid of you? Will it be too much?

There have been some setbacks but for the most part you are doing just fine. It's so hard to know that you cry when you're dropped off at school but you come home so happy. Of course, you my little independent girl, don't let us into your world so easily as you share only some parts of your time in school. Hopefully that will change over time and you'll share a little more.

You're still getting used to sleeping in your new room and most nights end up with us. But that's okay. One night you'll stay in your own bed the whole night.

I know you loved your next door neighbors on Nancy Drive but you'll still see them. There are so many kids in our new community and three of them have been over several times just to get to know you. You'll start to feel comfortable with them soon. But until you do, I'll be there to help you all get acquainted.

My Brynna you are growing everyday and learning so much. There have been many meltdowns as you attempt to deal with all these changes and it's hard to see you so sad, frustrated and jealous. But there are so many happy times when you make up silly jokes and songs, run around the house and play make believe.

This month you will take your first plane ride -- another first! When I told you we would be flying in an airplane the first thing you asked was, "will you protect me?"

Always, Brynna. I will always be here to help break your fall, comfort you to the best of my ability and hold your hand when you're scared.

Love you more than you know,