Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Brylin: 8 months

* Happy 8 months, My Girl! Here's 8 things I love about you right now:

1. Your concentration: If you spot something that you want then there is no breaking you away from doing what you're doing. Be it ringing the bell on Brynna's bike, flipping the window lock, dumping water onto the floor or eating a cookie.

2. Your ability to play alone: Since we have moved into the new house you have been spending a lot of time exploring as you push from one area to the next in your walker. You like messing with the window locks, emptying out the pockets on the side of the glider, grabbing at your sister's feet when sitting in her high chair and "walking" around.

3. You know how to milk it: When you see me you turn on the fake waterworks, make little pouts or shout Mama until I pick you up. Same goes for Dad. It's hard NOT to pick you up when you're being so incredibly cute.

4. Your love for your sister: Both of you are still learning how to share and you get frustrated with one another but at the end of every interaction both of you are smiling. Brynna loves tickling you, blowing raspberries on your tummy and making you laugh. You enjoy grabbing her face, her hands, her legs and immediately stop what you're doing when you hear her voice.

5. You go with the flow: You are on a nap and feeding schedule but if that schedule is thrown off you deal with it fairly well. The only time you get really fussy is when it's time for a nap.

6. Your hair in the morning: I've never seen such crazy hair. No matter what I do, you always wake up with unruly hair. I love it! Plus, you let me put bows in it.

7. The way you say no: You aren't saying the word just yet but it's easy to tell when you mean no. If you're eating something yo don't like not only will you close your mouth but you will push the spoon away. Same goes with the hair brush, a bottle when I'm around.

8. Those thighs: Need I say more?

Love you more than you know,


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  1. I love your writing and I love your girls!!! So cute and amazing!!! -Cecelia