Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Brylin: 7 months

* My Girl you are 7 months! I can't believe how quickly you are growing. Here's 7 things I love about you right now:

1. Your smile especially not that you have a (sharp!) tiny tooth. It's just so cute! A second one is coming in any day now.

2. The way you reach for me. You love being held by your Nana, Dada and Tia Becky but absolutely love spending time with your Mama and it shows as you lean toward me with one arm extended anytime I come close to you.

3. How you take your time. You did not officially roll over until 6 1/2 months, which freaked me out. The first time you rolled over I had my back to you as I filed a story. It took a lot of prodding to get you to do it again. Those moments help me realize you're on your own schedule -- not mine.

4. Your disposition is overall happy and laid back BUT you do have your moments of frustration and fussiness. Specially when we try to leave you in the walker or jumper as we eat. Nope, not having it. You thrive on interaction and I love seeing your attitude develop.

5. Snuggles. You're all about grabbing faces, open mouth kisses, and pulling people close to you. Your sister is starting to warm up to your little hugs and tends to pat you on the head, which you don't seem to mind.

6. Your voice is something that can be heard throughout the house these days as you test out your vocal range. If your sister yells, you yell. If everyone is talking then you throw in your 2 cents. Dada is still your word of choice but you mirror my mouth when I say Mama.

7. Your focus is amazing. You will not take your eyes off something that you want, whether it's the remote control, Brynna's Anna doll (still working on sharing), or Mom's coffee -- you are persistent! last week you focused on my hands as they demonstrated how to clap and wave -- a few days later you succeeded in doing the same!

We love watching you grow, My Girl.

Love you more than you know,