Monday, June 15, 2015

What did you just say?

* Brynna has become such a chatterbox these past few months that it seems like the only time she isn't talking is when she's asleep -- or zoned out watching Tangled.

There are some phrases I rather she not say outside the home.

With two dogs who are always, always tooting, it's pretty common to hear one of us complaining about them. But without this information the next two comments make it seem as if Alex and I have a major problem.

"I ran away from the fart"

"You're making the family room stink"

And this one:

"Oh a flea! It dumped!" D = J so the flea jumped, not dumped. And no, we don't live in a house surrounded by fleas.

There are a lot of "whys" thrown out throughout the day. As in, "Why do I have to do that?" or when I explain that she can't simply take something from a store without paying for it, "Why do we have to do that?" (No idea why it's we in this scenario since she isn't bringing in any money). Or "Why did you do (say) that?" when I say no to jumping on the couch or eating something off the floor.

I do the best that I can to be patient and provide what I think are insightful responses but by the fifth or sixth time of trying to pull something out of my brain that makes any sense, I'm out of ideas. And out of patience. So I'm sorry, Bryn, that at these moments I usually respond with "Brynna, please don't ask me again because I don't know what to say."

So many of her retorts are so funny that it takes everything in me to not laugh. especially since the majority of them come when I'm trying to discipline her.

Me: "You have a choice: either give me the princess pen now and you can use it later or continue to draw on your arm and I'll take it away for the whole day."
Brynna: "I'll take the pen to my room."
Me: "Wait, what? That wasn't an option."

Me: "Brynna what are you doing?"
Brynna: "I'm just acting so crazy!"

Me: "Brynna, I'm running out of patience with you, please stop talking back."
Brynna: "You need to take a moment."

And she tends to blow my cover:

Brynna acting like a princess. 
Me: "Brynna and I have to run an errand."
Brynna: "Are we going to Starbucks?"
Me: "Brynna!"

Alex: How much did it cost? 
Brynna: "20 bucks" -- her answer to anything related to costs.

Alex: "Brynna, what did mom order?"
Brynna: "Macchiato, nonfat milk."
Alex: "What size: tall, grande or venti?"
Brynna: "Venti."

And my favorite:

Brynna: "Mama you're beautiful. I love your hair."
Me: "Thank you, Boom Boom, I love you so much."
Brynna: "Oh, can I have some of your Luna Bar/ cookie/ Banana etc."

To be continued ...