Monday, June 15, 2015

Brylin: 6 months

* Happy 6 months, Bry Bry! I can't believe how quickly time is passing; it seems like you're learning something new everyday.

Food: You started eating solids a few weeks ago (you couldn't wait the recommended 6 month start date) and absolutely loved your first taste of Avocado. So far, you have eaten -- and loved -- avocado, banana, sweet potato, pear and apple. You get supper upset when the spoon is empty.

Hand/Eye Coordination: Okay, so you have yet to master total control of your hands but you're working on it. You love grabbing Sophie and crewing on her; same with Blobby. Grabbing hair, necklaces and any toy of Brynna's within your reach.

Rolling over: Not yet. But you do lay on your side then flop back onto your back. You do love the bouncer, though.

What I love about you right now: 

  • The way you start "talking" and kicking when I get home from work (of course it's because you know your'e about to nurse but still, I'll take it!)
  • The way you grab my face and give me a little kiss -- most of the time you lick my nose but it's still cute.
  • That you're a morning person. Your smile is the first thing I see in the morning since you've been sleeping in our bed instead of the crib.
  • Your appetite. You're keeping me in shape :)
  • The way you react to your sister. If she's laughing; you're laughing. If she is sitting next to you, then you try to grab her or watch everything she does. Your loved for one another is coming out in such subtle ways and it makes think that maybe having two under the age of 2 wasn't such a bad idea. But you do start to cry when she cries, so that can be tough.
  • Your smile and laugh are so beautiful. I can't stand how amazing you are. 
  • That hair is out of control, My Girl. No matter how many ways I comb it, it always ends up sticking up. 
  • Being able to hug, snuggle and kiss you over and over again. Now that Brynna is hitting that Three-ager phase, I'm realizing the importance of taking every cuddle and kiss that I can get. 
  • Is it terrible to say that I like that you aren't mobile just yet? Cause I am. I love that I can set you down and know that I can find you in that same place 5 minutes later. I love that you can't run away from me or climb anything ... yet. 

I love you so much that it almost makes me want another baby. Almost