Monday, June 22, 2015

What I love about Brynna: 2 years 7 months

* As a working mom, I admit that the last thing I want to come home to is a bad attitude. I have to keep mine in check all day dealing with rude callers or those who simply didn't like the way a story was covered. Lately my growing girl has been all attitude.  (Luckily I have Brylin whose face lights up when she sees me and is ready for hugs. ) Brynna is entering her independent phase where everything is an argument, a struggle and requires negotiation. Some days she loves me; others not so much. I have to remind myself that this is all part of gorwing up. But man does it hurt sometimes.

What I love about Brynna right now -- 2 years 7 months

Diapers no more! It took a little bit, but once you put your mind to it, you conquered potty training. Thank you !

Talking back: Okay, so I have a love-hate relationship with your sassy side but I also love how strong willed you can be. If another kid tries to boss you you let them know you’re not having it. But the same goes for your dad and I. The other day you told us “I’m gonna do what I want, “ (which resulted in a time out) taking us completely off guard. You’re pushing boundaries to learn what you can and can’t get away with. It’s tough but I know it’s all part of your journey. I just have to remember to breathe.

Humor: Oh my gosh are you hilarious. The things you pull out of nowhere amaze us. Our household is filled with so much laughter now thanks to you. Whether it’s running after the dogs, playing hide-and-seek or having hilarious conversations and making up silly songs, you, my Boom Boom, keep out hearts light.

Fashionista: Princess dresses, tutus, jewelry, fake tattoos, braids and high heels are so your thing right now. You comment on my clothes, try on my shoes and ask for specific shoes to wear with your outfits. Of course it can be a bit daunting when I have a certain outfit in mind, but some battles are not worth fighting. Especially when you do such a great job putting outfits together.

Learning: You LOVE to read. “Read the words to me, Mama,” has become one of my favorite lines to hear from you as you place a book onto my lap and curl up beside me. If only we can read for hours. You love books and learning new words, shapes and characters. You ask why a lot and actually listen to the answers – when the topic is something you take an interest in.

Your Laugh: It rings through the house when you are playing in your playroom, bouncing off the walls as your dad chases you during a game of tag; echoes in the backyard when Beans and Porkchop are licking your hands and warms my heart when you are sharing a laugh with your  sister. Over what? I have no idea. It’s like you two have your own inside jokes.

You: Always you. Even when you’re driving me nuts, you are so much to me.

Love you more than you know,


Monday, June 15, 2015

Brylin: 6 months

* Happy 6 months, Bry Bry! I can't believe how quickly time is passing; it seems like you're learning something new everyday.

Food: You started eating solids a few weeks ago (you couldn't wait the recommended 6 month start date) and absolutely loved your first taste of Avocado. So far, you have eaten -- and loved -- avocado, banana, sweet potato, pear and apple. You get supper upset when the spoon is empty.

Hand/Eye Coordination: Okay, so you have yet to master total control of your hands but you're working on it. You love grabbing Sophie and crewing on her; same with Blobby. Grabbing hair, necklaces and any toy of Brynna's within your reach.

Rolling over: Not yet. But you do lay on your side then flop back onto your back. You do love the bouncer, though.

What I love about you right now: 

  • The way you start "talking" and kicking when I get home from work (of course it's because you know your'e about to nurse but still, I'll take it!)
  • The way you grab my face and give me a little kiss -- most of the time you lick my nose but it's still cute.
  • That you're a morning person. Your smile is the first thing I see in the morning since you've been sleeping in our bed instead of the crib.
  • Your appetite. You're keeping me in shape :)
  • The way you react to your sister. If she's laughing; you're laughing. If she is sitting next to you, then you try to grab her or watch everything she does. Your loved for one another is coming out in such subtle ways and it makes think that maybe having two under the age of 2 wasn't such a bad idea. But you do start to cry when she cries, so that can be tough.
  • Your smile and laugh are so beautiful. I can't stand how amazing you are. 
  • That hair is out of control, My Girl. No matter how many ways I comb it, it always ends up sticking up. 
  • Being able to hug, snuggle and kiss you over and over again. Now that Brynna is hitting that Three-ager phase, I'm realizing the importance of taking every cuddle and kiss that I can get. 
  • Is it terrible to say that I like that you aren't mobile just yet? Cause I am. I love that I can set you down and know that I can find you in that same place 5 minutes later. I love that you can't run away from me or climb anything ... yet. 

I love you so much that it almost makes me want another baby. Almost


What did you just say?

* Brynna has become such a chatterbox these past few months that it seems like the only time she isn't talking is when she's asleep -- or zoned out watching Tangled.

There are some phrases I rather she not say outside the home.

With two dogs who are always, always tooting, it's pretty common to hear one of us complaining about them. But without this information the next two comments make it seem as if Alex and I have a major problem.

"I ran away from the fart"

"You're making the family room stink"

And this one:

"Oh a flea! It dumped!" D = J so the flea jumped, not dumped. And no, we don't live in a house surrounded by fleas.

There are a lot of "whys" thrown out throughout the day. As in, "Why do I have to do that?" or when I explain that she can't simply take something from a store without paying for it, "Why do we have to do that?" (No idea why it's we in this scenario since she isn't bringing in any money). Or "Why did you do (say) that?" when I say no to jumping on the couch or eating something off the floor.

I do the best that I can to be patient and provide what I think are insightful responses but by the fifth or sixth time of trying to pull something out of my brain that makes any sense, I'm out of ideas. And out of patience. So I'm sorry, Bryn, that at these moments I usually respond with "Brynna, please don't ask me again because I don't know what to say."

So many of her retorts are so funny that it takes everything in me to not laugh. especially since the majority of them come when I'm trying to discipline her.

Me: "You have a choice: either give me the princess pen now and you can use it later or continue to draw on your arm and I'll take it away for the whole day."
Brynna: "I'll take the pen to my room."
Me: "Wait, what? That wasn't an option."

Me: "Brynna what are you doing?"
Brynna: "I'm just acting so crazy!"

Me: "Brynna, I'm running out of patience with you, please stop talking back."
Brynna: "You need to take a moment."

And she tends to blow my cover:

Brynna acting like a princess. 
Me: "Brynna and I have to run an errand."
Brynna: "Are we going to Starbucks?"
Me: "Brynna!"

Alex: How much did it cost? 
Brynna: "20 bucks" -- her answer to anything related to costs.

Alex: "Brynna, what did mom order?"
Brynna: "Macchiato, nonfat milk."
Alex: "What size: tall, grande or venti?"
Brynna: "Venti."

And my favorite:

Brynna: "Mama you're beautiful. I love your hair."
Me: "Thank you, Boom Boom, I love you so much."
Brynna: "Oh, can I have some of your Luna Bar/ cookie/ Banana etc."

To be continued ...