Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Brylin: 4 months

Happy 4 months my sweet girl! So sorry that I have not been keeping up with all your milestones but you have to understand you and your sister keep me extremely busy. But, I promise to be better at documenting your doings and growth from this point forward. Same promise goes to Brynna, who filled my blog posts almost weekly.  But back to you, my sweet girl.

At 4 months you are:

Smiling at anyone who talks to you.

Recognizing your sister, mom and dad. If your sister cries, you cry. When you hear mom's voice you look for her.

Attempting to sit up on your own. Almost there.

Jumping in the jumper and on our laps.

Figuring out what your hands are for and grabbing your feet. You've also started to suck your thumb.

Laughing when we make funny faces, sing to you or smell your feet. You also love raspberries on your belly and when we pretend to sneeze.

Eyeing any and all food. I think you may be ready to try solids but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around that. Because, you see, it means your'e growing up.

Sleeping through the night!

Constantly reminding me of how awesome and fleeting the infant stage is. I understand how quickly days of wanting me to hold you, be near you, constant hugs and hand holding changes to days when you fight for your independence. For this reason I will soak up these memories and try to stay in the moment as long as I can.

Love you always,  my sweet girl.