Monday, November 24, 2014

Celebrating 2

We celebrated Brynna's second birthday this past weekend and not only was it exhausting (carrying 30 pounds of extra weight would do that to a person) but incredibly fun. I loved her first birthday party but this time we actually got to see her enjoyment.

She was able to tell us how much she liked watching Yo Gabba Gabba in concert, demanded we sing her Happy Birthday throughout the day and referred to herself as the Birthday Girl. Perfect! Last year we could only assume she was having fun since her vocabulary was limited to Mama, Dada and a few other words.

Her special day started with us allowing her to eat pancakes while watching TV ... on her table instead of in her high chair. All which equaled a mess and a long drawn out breakfast since she kept running to her playroom, stopping in front of the TV and shoving mini pancakes in her mouth. Then she rocked her special birthday t that she's been asking to wear since it came in the mail (Thank you, Etsy!). Finally she got to enjoy a few hours with her Nina and BFF Maya at The Shrine. Oh yeah, us parents were also there.

Eating popcorn! 
Side note: I never realized that kids' concerts were the place to go to see "celebrities." We saw Lou Diamond Phillips, Alyssa Milano and Rachel Zoe, which totally made up for the lack of a special guest at the show. I mean Dave Grohl once danced with Muno! But not at our show, of course.

Anyways, the kids loved dancing along with the characters and enjoyed the music, which was awesome.

The Birthday Girl ended her day with pizza and an Oreo cupcake so I think her special day was a home run. Plus, there was no cleanup, which was super awesome for Alex and I.


Happy 2nd Birthday, Brynna!!! We love you! Thank you to everyone who helped make her say super special!