Sunday, October 19, 2014

Conversations with Brynna

Me: Brynna do you want a pumpkin muffin?

Brynna: Si.

About 20 minutes later

Brynna: Mas, please!

Me: Sorry, not until after dinner.

Brynna: Mas Muffin Man!

Me: gives in and gives her half a muffin. Because how could I not give in to her calling a muffin the muffin man?!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Conversations with Brynna

Setting: Dinner time at the Brody household where Brynna is seated in her high chair across from me and Alex. Tonight's meal consists of spaghetti with broccoli and squash hidden in the sauce. As we eat, Alex and I notice that Brynna has discovered the broccoli and instead of shoveling it in her mouth as she commonly does with anything that's not a veggie, she starts playing with it.

Alex: Eat some trees Boom Boom. Trees are yummy!

Brynna: Stares at him with a look on her face that clearly says, "not buying it, Dad."

Me: You need to eat your broccoli if you want to be Super Brynna! Look Mom's eating her broccoli and now she's Super Mommy!

Alex: Me too! Now I'm Super Daddy!

Brynna: Continues to stare at us, grabs another piece of broccoli in her other hand then yells: Super Beans! as she tosses the veggies at Beans who, of course, is right by the highchair.

Of course Alex and I bust up 'cause it's hilarious.

Brynna: Super Beans! More veggies on the floor and into the dog's mouth.