Friday, September 5, 2014

Morning Routine

Mornings before Brynna looked very different than the mornings after having had Brynna. And now that I'm pregnant with the the second baby, my morning routine is anything but simple.

Before children -- start work at 7:30 a.m.

Night before work * Pack a healthy, well-planned lunch complete with all essentials. Pick out work clothes. Spend the rest of the night reading, watching TV.
6 a.m. * Wake-up, lay in bed until second alarm goes off at 6:15 a.m.
6:15 a.m. * Take a shower, take time to shave, lather, rinse repeat.
6:30 a.m. - 6:50ish * Pull on stain free clothes previously laid out the night before. slip on heels, head to bathroom to put on moisturizer, makeup, blow-dry hair, spritz on perfume and hairspray.
7 a.m. * Grab a bagel and coffee that hubby has made for me and head out to work.
7:30 a.m. * Arrive at work; begin day.

After children -- start work at 7 a.m.

Night before work * Throw a sandwich together or grab an already made salad, toss into lunch bag along with fruit, string cheese and anything else I can grab a hold of before Brynna realizes I'm in the fridge and attempts to close the door/ grab the milk/ or grab any of the condiments on the refrigerator door. Last time it was the hot sauce. Have Brynna "help" me pick out work clothes, which really means allow her to pull bras, socks and jeans out of drawers as I decide between maternity jeans, maternity dress or another maternity dress. Grab sandals and hope no one at work notices I wore this outfit earlier in the week. Pick up Brynna's mess.

5:30 a.m. * Wake up, hand Brynna (yes, she slept in our bed again) to my mom who arrives every morning at 5:30, sleepwalk into the shower.
5:45-5:50 a.m. * Turns out that whole walking into the bathroom ordeal was just a dream. Hit snooze and didn't wake up until now. Finally get into the shower.
5:55-6 a.m. * Lather, rinse, bypass shaving (again, even though pregnancy makes shaving an everyday requirement these days) and can't recall if I'm wearing a dress or jeans -- hope for jeans. Hop out of the shower, find a few suds in my hair, towel them off.
6-6:15 a.m. * Run into the bedroom to pull on the maternity dress, nursing bra and oh-so-sexy maternity underwear and hope no one notices the less than smooth legs. Attempt to snap on sandals but end up needing to sit down to do so. Notice myself in the mirror and wonder how much weight I've actually gained. Look at the clothes in my closet and miss my pregnancy clothes. Oh, the choices!
6:15-6:30 a.m. * Head to bathroom to throw on some under eye concealer, powder, blush, masFcara and eyeliner. Realize I forgot my sunscreen and wonder if I should start over. Realize I'm running out of time so instead pull out the hairdryer and start to do my hair. The sound wakes up Brynna who calls out for Mama. Rush into her room and pull her out of her crib into a bear hug and ask her what she dreamt about. The answer these mornings are typically Muno, Brobee or Swiper. Head into the kitchen where my mom has pulled out my lunch for me and thrown in a banana and some bottles of water. Hand Brynna over to Nana and head back into the bathroom. Realize it's late and all the rushing back and forth has caused me to break out in a sweat. Put the hairdyer away and pull hair into a ponytail. Brynna is now in the bathroom trying to get into the makeup drawer where she finds the lip gloss. Rub on some cream, spray some perfume and hairspray and try to persuade brynna to get out of the bathroom. She goes but only after she gets cream and perfume.
6:40-6:45 a.m. * Hug Brynna and tell her I'll be back after work. Sometimes there are tears other times she says bye without even looking at me. Tell my mom what to feed her for lunch today. Grab my lunch, purse and breakfast (a Luna Bar) and run out the door. Pack up the car, give Brynna a hug and kiss and head to work.

Look at the clock and realize I'll be a few minutes late to work. Drive to Starbucks cause, hello, caffeine.

7:15 * Arrive at work to start my day. Think about what to feed Brynna for dinner.

What does your morning routine look like?


  1. You are lucky your mom arrives so early! I end up showing with my kids or try to keep them occupied for 5 min, it can be tough.

  2. I have no idea how I would do it without her help! I'm guessing I'd use Dora lol