Monday, October 8, 2012

Almost There

Almost There

I’m eight months! Yay and boo. Yay because she is almost here but boo because, well, I’m scared. Capital S scared. I’ve been content dreaming that I’d fall asleep and a baby would magically appear in my arms. No pain, no screaming, no labor. Of course, that isn’t likely to happen so last month we signed up for a labor and birthing class, which not only helped prepare me for The Big Day but completely freaked me out!  It also reinforced my hatred of birthing videos. These weren’t as bad as the Miracle of Life video many of us had to watch in middle school but they were close. Especially the one starring a women with an ’80s hairstyle and very shear robe. (Reminder to self, people will be visiting you in the hospital so pack a bra and non-see through pjs) But it was nice to be in the same room with other moms and dads-to-be who were also scared so there was that little bonus.

I’ve accepted that I have to grimace and push through (get it? ha!) whatever pain comes my way and am now focusing on counting down the weeks until we can hold her, see the color of her eyes and argue over who she looks like. Let’s hope she takes after Alex and is born with hair. I looked like a melon. Having her here will also allow us to breathe a little easier as Baby Brody has given us quite a scare these last few months. A month ago we were waiting for our appointment with the heart specialist because at my last checkup the doctor noticed a slight clip in our baby’s heart beat. Hearing the skip was enough to make my stomach drop. “You heard that too, right?” my doctor asked. She scheduled an appointment for us with an infant cardiologist (I’m sure that’s not the right title but I don’t speak doctor and am too lazy to Google it)  to help determine exactly what was going on with little giblet’s heartbeat. She didn’t want us to worry so simply explained that everyone can experience an irregular heart beat now and again and that it was very unlikely that anything was wrong with our baby’s heart but we had to have it checked out.
 Telling someone not to worry only makes them worry that much more. Of course I turned to the internet and found some really freaky stuff. Some chat rooms are filled with people who really like to share every single aspect of their life. it’s like reality TV only without all the screaming. WebM.D., MayoClinc etc. were all visited by yours truly before I finally made myself stop searching for answers. 
We were so relieved when we finally got to meet with the heart specialist (who was like the coolest doctor, ever.  I’m talking a non-lab coat wearing call me by my first name type of cool. Loved him!) who listened to the baby’s heart, measured its chambers and reconfirmed that yes, we are having a girl, and no, she does not have an irregular heartbeat. To say we were elated is an understatement. The fact that our daughter continues to hide her face from the camera and open her legs to prove she’s a girl only reinforces was an added bonus. She continues to make us laugh. 
Since then things have been going well. She moves like crazy, uses my bladder as a punching bag and reacts to our voices, the dogs and music. The nursery is ready for her, we have a car seat (still in its box but we’ll get to opening it soon) and all the necessities. 
There have been stretches in time when I can’t feel her move, which freaks me out but Alex reminds me that she most likely takes after me and is sleeping … again. Half the time she’s cuddled up under my ribs which flipping hurts like no other but at least I know where she is.
 Although labor terrifies me I am so ready to have her here. My back hurts, my waddle is ridiculous and my maternity clothes are being stretched to their limits. One more month to go! C’mon Thanksgiving baby!

P.S. Porkchop and Beans are slowly getting used to all the baby stuff around the house, although Porkchop continues to run away with Baby Brody’s duck towel. Love them!

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